Keeping employees and candidates safe during COVID-19

Through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, our mission remains: To improve the oral health of all

The health and safety of our patients and staff is our top priority. Our practices have always provided the safest possible environment for employees, patients and our communities. In response to COVID-19 and to continue providing the safest setting, we are continuing to follow Center for Disease Control (CDC), state and federal guidelines, and have established several additional measures to reduce the risks posed by the virus and ensure health and safety for all.

Frequently asked questions:

Are you currently hiring?
  • Our dental practices and support offices throughout the country are dedicated to continuing to meet the needs of the communities we serve. With slight modifications to the process, such as conducting virtual interviews, we have continued to grow our teams and are still hiring throughout the current health crisis.
  • Since the initial outbreak, Advantage Dental and affiliated practices have maintained our workforce and continued to prioritize the needs of our community by providing multiple avenues of care delivery.
  • View current openings.
What are the company’s vaccine requirements?

Due to recent government mandates and the rapid spread and danger caused by the Delta variant, new company protocols and policies have been updated to reflect the heightened concern for safety. When possible, the organization has applied an approach that ensures freedom of choice.

Oregon and Washington

All practice employees must be fully vaccinated. The only exceptions to these state mandates are for those individuals who require accommodations due to a qualifying disability or medical condition, or a sincerely-held religious belief that would prevent them from receiving a vaccine.

Alabama, Texas, Kentucky and Massachusetts:

It is required that all practice staff are either fully vaccinated or submit to weekly COVID-19 screening testing. Employees will also have the option to apply for an exemption to have on file. While these new protocols are not a result of government mandates in these four states, we believe they are a pragmatic solution - one that still preserves choice but also represents the best way to ensure the health and safety of both our staff and the patients that we serve.

How are you ensuring candidate safety and reducing the spread of COVID-19?
  • At this time, and for the foreseeable future, our interview process has gone remote. All conversations will be conducted via telephone and/or video conferencing.
  • Throughout the hiring process maintaining open lines of communication is essential. The ability to reach our talent acquisition team will not be affected by our modified interview process.
What are you doing to keep employees and patients safe and informed?

We are continuously monitoring this situation and provide our staff with regular updates. Together, we can act responsibly and put people first by taking appropriate precautions to maintain a healthy work environment and continue delivering on our mission to improve the oral health of all. To do this, our leadership team is committed to:

  • Support social distancing, acquiring adequate PPE, providing alternative methods of receiving care (teledentistry), working from home whenever possible
  • Keep employees and patients informed and connected by:
    • Texting for urgent communications and appointment reminders
    • Regular Employee and patient email newsletters
    • Consistent social media updates
    • Company meetings via video call or phone
  • Provide additional educational materials and training to keep staff informed on industry-leading techniques and practices. This ensures we continue to provide patients with the best care in the safest environment possible. DentaQuest’s online learning center is home to free educational resources for oral health care providers including recommendations surrounding the virus from the ADA, CDC and OSHA that are accessible for all dental and oral health professionals.
How should I prepare for phone/virtual interviews?
For a successful digital interview, practice and prepare just like you would for an in-person interview:
  • Get to know the company and study the job description
  • Come with a few questions that will not only prove you have done your research but also prove your interest in the organization and the role
  • Don’t forget to dress for the part and be aware of body language

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