Save Time and Money Take Advantage of These Great Services:

  • Patient Reminder Calls

  • Unscheduled Treatment Calls

  • Reactivation Calls

  • Insurance Tracking Calls

  • Payment Reminder Calls

  • Credit Checks

  • Payment Plan

  • Financing Matrix


Advantage Dental can help you get more treatment accepted and increase your production.

Credit Management Services

This service enables your practice to increase treatment acceptance by scheduling patients currently declining treatment due to financial constraints. And practices using this service have experienced a 95% collectability rate.

How AFS can help with Patient Financing

  • AFS credit management services assist your practice to determine which patients to finance, how much to finance and under what terms you should finance. This is accomplished with:
    • Credit Reports
    • Patient Matrix Analysis
    • Automatic Debits

Invisible Front Office
(Patient Communications Services)

Advantage Dental customer service staff will make the routine calls; so that your staff can focus on patients. This service includes automated after hours appointment reminder calls. Calling your patients after your practice has closed and your patients are more likely to be home.

  • Patient reminder calls
  • Insurance tracking calls
  • Unscheduled treatment calls
  • Hygiene reactivation calls

Cost of using the Patient Communication Services

Pricing structure after one-time set-up fee of $200:

Number of Patient Accounts*

Advantage Dental Owners
Monthly Pricing

Non-Advantage Dental Owners
Monthly Pricing





$15.00 per account

$25.00 per account

* If a patient is submitted by a practice for more than one service, i.e. for reminder calls and unscheduled treatment calls, this would count as two patient accounts for billing purposes.


Using a conservative 10% success rate* and assuming an average $800 per patient income.

5 appointments =



50 patients =





Equals monthly production after expense of the service is subtracted.

* 10% success rate, plus $800 average income are for example only; Advantage Dental makes no guarantees of practice results.



“Advantage [Dental] has imporved my collection rate significantly and done it in a much more cost effective way than I could have using my office staff.”

—Dr. Tamara Abbett, Medford, OR

“AFS is like having an extra staff member without the extra expense of payroll taxes and benefits. AFS works when I don’t. The AFS team follows up on insurance, scheduling and collections so my team can focus on production.”

—Dr. Richard Leong, Medford, OR