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August is Children's Eye Health and Safety Month

Friday - 07/16/2021

Did you know, results of an eye exam could reveal health complications beyond the eyes and in other places throughout your body?

Earlier this year Advantage Dental+ Optometry Director, Dr. John Clasen saved a child’s life by detecting an abnormality in the pupil, which ultimately led to discovering a brain tumor the size of a grapefruit.

Regular eye exams are important, even if it seems as though nothing is wrong. Parents should also be aware if a child is complaining of headaches or double vision, an eye exam might reveal the cause. Children with undiagnosed vision conditions or eye health 

complications are more likely to encounter hardships in everyday life, not only medically, but academically, athletically and even socially. We believe access to quality and regular eye care can break down these barriers and help all children to reach their highest potential.

To meet the growing need for accessible eye care and the convenience of having both vision and dental in the same office, Advantage Dental+ practices are continuing to expand, now including children's vision services in eight of twelve locations throughout Alabama: Alexander City, Anniston, Athens, Boaz, Clanton, Dothan, Montgomery and Tuscaloosa.

Scheduling your child’s eye exam has never been easier! Call your preferred location or request an appointment online today!

If you your preferred location is our Attalla or Leesburg practice, reach out to our nearby Boaz practice to schedule your child’s eye appointment.


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"My goal is to improve the vision and eye health of children in my community. This will not only improve their quality of life, but help in their learning and overall future goals."

- Dr. John Clasen
Advantage Dental+ Optometry Director

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"I believe everyone should have access to competent and caring health care. As a Advantage Dental+ Optometrist, I hope to provide compassionate eye care while informing the community about the importance or comprehensive eye exams in the pediatric population. I am reminded daily of the incredible impact we are having on the underserved communities of Alabama."

- Larezia D. Williams, O.D., M.S
Advantage Dental+ Optometrist

"I am looking forward to providing and essential service to the community and leaving a lasting impact. While I enjoy helping others, I feel it is particularly important to prove care to underserved communities, as I grew up in one."

- Annie Bea Govan, O.D
Advantage Dental+ Optometrist

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