National Rural Heath Day

Tuesday - 11/17/2020

Dr. Joseph Sharon shares what his motivation to provide care in rural communities is.

The National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health have designated the third Thursday of every November, National Rural Health Day.
This year, National Rural Health Day is November 19, 2020. 

Did you know, rural communities have a disproportionate shortage of qualified health care providers compared to urban communities? This creates barriers for rural populations (nearly 20% of Americans) in getting the essential health care they need. 

National Rural Health Day was created to celebrate rural communities, bring awareness to their beauty and benefits, but more importantly, their unique health care needs and challenges. Rural communities are excellent places to work and live, which is why, nearly 20% of Americans call these communities home. They are great places to establish a fulfilling and impactful health care career and personal life balance.

Dedicated to a mission: To improve the oral health of all, Advantage Dental and affiliated practices across the United States are actively working to create solutions and expand access to care for families in rural communities. Our network of 80 practices include over 200 providers and 700 support employees, providing care to more than a quarter of a million patients annually.

Advantage Dental teams have a common purpose: we work together with passion, perseverance and focus to achieve a nation where no child suffers from the pain of tooth decay, where adults keep all their teeth for their entire lives, where every person has access to quality dental care.

Our providers are committed to driving change by introducing innovative approaches to care, implementing proven best practices and accessing research and resources that reach beyond the dental chair. Some of our solutions to increase access to care include school-based outreach programs, community event outreach, teledentistry services, and dental/primary care integration.

Aaron, a father of two sons, ages 10 and 8, and an Advantage Dental patient says, “The way health care is approached [at Advantage Dental] is beyond what I’ve experienced before. There’s an air of generosity and kindness involved that I’m not used to.”

Many families, like Aaron and his sons, depend on the solutions we have created to better serve the rural populations.

At Advantage Dental, we measure success in changed lives, quality outcomes and meaningful patient experiences to create a business that is both sustainable and accessible. Ingrained within our culture is the desire to provide the same quality care, no matter background, where they live, payment type, age, or income. We believe everyone deserves to have an oral health care provider that they not only feel comfortable with, but can partner with to have a lifetime of good oral health.

Our patients are not the only ones who are thankful for these efforts to expand access to care in rural communities.

“I feel like I get the opportunity to make an impact on someone’s life every day. Access to care is a constant struggle for those living in rural communities. Many are grateful for our services. In turn, I am grateful for the opportunity to provide care to a rural community that has embraced me as one of their own,” Dr. Joseph Sharon of Boardman, Oregon said. “Providing care in rural areas allows you to become involved in the lives of your patients. So you are not just providing care for patients, but helping a community.”

The Advantage Dental teams across the US are proud and honored to serve those who may not have access to oral health care otherwise. We appreciate and cherish the relationships we get to build with our patients on our journey to improve the oral health of all.

Are you interested in helping us to bridge the oral health care gap in rural communities and to improve the the oral health of all?

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Happy National Rural Health Day!


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