What to Do When You're Afraid of the Dentist

Monday - 02.22.2021

If you're afraid of visiting the dentist, you are not alone. Feeling nervous or stressed before a dental appointment is common. Many adults and children experience mild dental anxiety before a visit with the dentist, sometimes due to an uncomfortable past experience. 

Our dentists understand patient fears and have new ways to help their patients feel more comfortable during a dental exam or procedure. Here's a few examples: 
  • Our practices have soothing music and staff who are dedicated to making your visit pleasant and comfortable.  
  • Your dentist may suggest anesthesia or sedation to help you relax. There are many forms of anesthesia and sedation techniques available. Your dentist is happy to discuss options best suited for you. 
  • The dentist can help you ease into treatment by first scheduling a simple procedure before suggesting a more complicated one. 
  • If the indoor temperature feels chilly, a blanket is often available for warmth.   
Distraction is another way that dentists help to calm mild anxiety.  
  • Listening to calming music through headphones 
  • A dental professional will routinely 'check in' with you to ensure you are comfortable.  

How to be Less Afraid of the Dentist:  

To help relieve your fear of a dental visit, ask plenty of questions. We encourage you to discuss your concerns with the dental teamThey can help you feel less afraid by explaining a procedure in detail. Knowing what to expect can help to ease your mind. 

Why is my child scared of the dentist? 

Children listen to adults. If a parent expresses fears about visiting the dentist this can be mirrored in a child's reaction. Some youngsters are afraid of separation from their parents. Others are afraid of being in an environment that they cannot control 

Most dentists know how to calm a child's fears and help them feel more at ease during a visit. Often dentist will tell story or talk with the child to draw their attention away from the procedure.  

What to Do if Your Child is Afraid of the Dentist


Five  ways to ease your child's fear of the dentist: 

  1. Use simple words to describe an upcoming exam or procedure. Ask the dentist to demonstrate the procedure on you, before they perform it on the child.    
  2. Reinforce good behavior with compliments and praise. 
  3. Do not schedule a dental appointment during naptime. Or, if your child tends to be cranky after a nap, keep this in mind when you schedule a time 
  4. A hungry kid is a grouchy kid. Feed the child a light meal and have them brush their teeth before the appointment. If your child is scheduled to receive sedation, please check with your dentist to make sure you understand what is and is not allowed prior to the dental visit as food or liquids may not be given prior to certain types of sedation. 
  5. If your child gets upset during a visit, keep calm and work with the dentist to keep the appointment on track. Allow the dentist to engage the child in conversation. Jump in with encouragement. Let the dentist communicate with your child to turn the visit into a positive experience.  

Don't be embarrassed to discuss your concerns with your dental teamThey are happy to work with you to create solutionthat will minimize your or your child's fears at appointment time. 


Requesting an appointment takes less time than brushing your teeth!

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