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General and preventive dentistry

Revolutionizing Oral Health Care for Everyone

We are improving the oral health of all by expanding access, affordability and having a greater focus on preventing dental disease – rather than just treating it. Oral health is the health of your mouth and everything in it, including teeth, gums, throat, and the bones around the mouth. It is an important part of and the most underrated aspect to one’s overall full-body health. Poor oral health can lead to problems such as gum disease, tooth decay and bad breath, and contribute to diabetes, clogged arteries and pregnancy difficulties. With proper guidance and support, providers and patients partner together to design a personal oral health plan to transform and improve your overall health, and most importantly to prevent future dental complications.

During your appointment, your dentist might utilize digital dental x-rays. This type of x-ray delivers significantly less radiation and provides a higher image quality, resulting in better and safer care. In addition, our digital x-rays do not contain fixer, developer, and other solutions that can harm our environment. X-rays help your dentist view un-erupted or impacted teeth, as well as sinus conditions, and lesions or fractures in the jaw.

At Advantage Dental, we provide a number of general and preventive dental treatment options, including:


Teeth cleaning

An essential part of a healthy dental care routine. Regular cleanings help ensure long-lasting oral health. Learn more


Tooth extractions

Having a tooth pulled may be necessary for a variety of reasons. Learn more


Pediatric dentistry

From the first tooth through the teen years, we care for children's teeth, gums and mouth through childhood. Learn more


Dental sealants

Sealing teeth when molars first come in can help keep cavities away from the start. Learn more


Periodontal treatment

The prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the supporting and surrounding tissues of the teeth and gums. Learn more


Oral cancer screening

A quick and painless screening that can detect signs of oral cancer. Learn more


Occlusal guards

Mouthguards protect from wearing down, chipping and compromising teeth while playing sports or during sleep. Learn more


Oral surgery

Oral surgery refers to any surgical procedure in or around your teeth, jaw and mouth. Learn more


Root canal therapy

Root canal therapy is designed to help save a tooth that’s pulp has become infected or injured. Learn more