Teeth Whitening

Did you know any food or drink that can stain your clothing can stain your teeth? Teeth whitening and teeth bleaching are highly effective ways to lighten the color of your teeth by combating stains created from smoking, coffee, tea, wine, age or even an array of health factors.

As a person ages the enamel on teeth wears down and the yellowish dentin under the enamel starts to show. One way to combat yellow teeth or to keep your recently bleached teeth white is with best home practices, like brushing and flossing as recommended and being conscious of what you are eating and drinking.

Professional Teeth Whitening Near You

Tooth whitening may be an effective way to achieve a whiter, brighter and more confident smile. Keep in mind that white teeth do not mean teeth are healthy. Regular dental check-ups are still important no matter how white your teeth are.

Teeth whitening is not for everyone seeking cosmetic dentistry nor can all stains be removed by over-the-counter or professional bleaching. The dentist will be able to advise what type of treatment will best fit a patient’s oral health and whitening needs.

What to Expect During Teeth Whitening

It is common for teeth to feel a little sensitive after whitening. 60% of people have naturally sensitive teeth. If experiencing teeth sensitivity, talk with the dentist before whitening to discuss what may be the best whitening option considering tooth sensitivity.

Teeth whitening or bleaching can be done both at home or in a dentist office. It is always recommended to have a dentist’s supervision no matter the treatment type. Over-the-counter preparations and treatments may be less expensive, but they usually require a longer treatment time and the risks of gum irritation or damage to previous dental work is increased. For a quicker, more reliable result consult a dentist about in-office whitening options; treatment is supervised by a dental professional and results can also last anywhere from one to five years (depending on lifestyle habits).

Teeth Whitening Cost

Teeth whitening is not typically covered under dental insurance. Be sure to double check with your insurance provider to see what services are covered in your plan before undergoing any dental treatment.

Before whitening at home or in-office, schedule a bi-annual teeth cleaning to remove the external stains — in addition to promoting good oral health — a professional cleaning may be all it takes to achieve the results desired. If a cleaning is not enough to reach optimal results, we have a variety of products in our practices to help make a smile whiter and brighter.

Teeth Whitening and Cosmetic Dentistry Alternatives

Our dental offices in Alabama, Florida, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Oregon and Texas offer our patients multiple types of cosmetic dentistry treatment options. If the dentist suggests that standard teeth whitening or bleaching is not the best option, they might recommend any of the following methods of care to improve your smile, such as dental veneers.

Learn more about product types that assist with teeth whitening.

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